Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | April 27, 2009

Ya llega el verano (y la feria…ole!)

After a few weeks of scrambling to try and find summer plans, I have the month of July figured out. I fell in love with northwest Spain after spending a weekend there last May. It’s beautiful, green and not an infierno like Sevilla is during the summer months. I applied to a job there teaching English at a summer camp, had an interview last week, and have since accepted a job there teaching 10-16 year olds (I’ll find out in a month once registration closes).

I’ll work in La Coruna, a town of about 250,000 on the Cantabrian Sea. Don’t expect me to come home with a tan – it’s a region known for rain and fog. I’ve already given thought to the books I want to read and the gym I want to join! I’ll teach 4 to 4.5 hours a day, then have a teacher’s meeting, lunch and the entire afternoon to myself. I’ll also be paid room, board, transportation and health insurance, plus 1,100E for just three weeks, July 3-24.

As for June, I’m scot-free. No work, probably just lessons, laying by the river, Cruzcampo at night and some light traveling. Now that I have July worked out, I can start to hammer all of that down. Nothing huge, but maybe renting a car and driving around Andalucia, visiting Melissa in La Linea and visiting Colleen in Murcia. There’s a ton of great flight deals, too. I thought about Valencia – Murcia – Sevilla. And Kike will still be in Madrid, so I can go there, too.

Speaking of which, I went up last weekend to see him. Madrid overwhelms me with its size and the people. We stayed near the center the first night and kept losing each other in the crowd! The rest of the weekend was really tranquilo – drinking beer in the sun and visiting his family. His cousin, Bea, just had a baby girl, so we spent time at the hospital with her and his mom and brothers. I feel fortunate to have a great boyriend with a great family. His mom is wonderfully inviting and always includes me like I were her own daughter. My friend Isabel made the comment to me this weekend that I seem to fit in naturally, despite my accent and pale skin. Yaay, ue contento mi corazon!

Today starts the Feria de Abril, a week long celebration of all things andalu – sherry wine, flamenco and horses. Ole!


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