Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | February 9, 2009

New blog postings!

Hi people, I’m gearing up for China and a ten-day visit with my family. My excitement to get to Asia is only surpassed by my excitement to see them and sort myself out here. The non-guarantee of a job has been calmed by my director and by the auxiliar man, Ricardo. I think I need to write him a thank you note. But, I’m starting to feel like I need a new challenge. Something, well, just different. I love my school and have greatly enjoyed the people whom I’ve come in contact with and the new experiences it’s brought. But I’m ready to move on, too. This uncertainty has led to quite a few tears lately in realizing that I’m growing up and starting to make a life for myself. Scary thought.

I’ve added a few more blog links to the blog rollcall, including the bilingual blog for my school. It’s listed under Heliche Bilingue. Check it out – my kids are really thoughtful and make comments. I recently posted some pictures of my house, as we’re learning house vocabulary and comparative adjectives. Their repsonses are pricless!

I’m going to work on adding photo links to my blogs since I’ve been really interested in sharing pictures. Europe is beautiful and worth sharing.



  1. Ahh! I am actually traveling to Barcelona this coming weekend, Friday to Monday! Is Seville anywhere close?

  2. I’m excited for you and your travels to China. I’m equally excited for your coming blog posts and pictures. I’m sure you’ll be busy, but quick updates would be very much appreciated stateside. I continue to check your blog as a sort of escape, I suppose. I’m quite jealous of your continued travels. You said you’re ready to, “move on.” Does this mean you’ll be leaving Spain? Do you have any sort of an idea of where Cat Gaa will be next?I can very much relate to your mixed emotions about possible changes. Even now, having been ‘finished’ traveling for nearly two months, I’m still quite emotional over the change in lifestyle. My life is a sort of emotional roller coaster right now. It’s a terrible feeling to be, for lack of a better word, ‘stuck’ in the US while Nicole is in Edinburgh. Things are beginning to look up on the job front, which is encouraging. I realized last night how unexcited I am at the prospect of landing a job. Which is terrible, as I’m definitely in need of some way to spend my time and, more than that, income. I was flipping through my passport yesterday before I brought it to a temp agency. Terrible idea. Each stamp represents a time of excitement, of nerves, but more than anything, they remind me of the rush of traveling to a new place. I ache for the day when I’ll again be overseas and witnessing all that the world has to offer. Travel safe, Cat. Cheers,matthew

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