Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | November 9, 2008

Reflecting on the elections

This week has been emotional and historical, to say the least. As I previously mentioned, I’m really not into politics. The democratic process and how our history has shaped our identity as a nation, yes. And it’s apparent that things have changed. Hell, I’m OUT of the country and I see the differences in attitudes now – both at home and here in my home in Spain. People are both reinvigorated and disheartened, ready to move to Canada or excited for a new era to begin.

When Kike visited this summer, we stopped into a Starbucks on Michigan Ave. for coffee (Hello, he’s Spanish. Couldn’t be too American in America!). The woman standing in line behind us was Mary Schmich, a columnist for the Trib. I recognized her by her hair but also by the badge she was wearing, and I told Kike so. He tried to talk to her and tell her I studied journalism, which made me half a second away from slugging him. But since then, I’ve been following her columns, as I had before. She can take ordinary events and find some kind of meaning or bigger picture in them. And she’s done it again in an aritcle published in the Trib this morning, reflecting on the last week as well as the campaign:

Read it here.


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