Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | October 13, 2008

Cosas Raras

There is some weird-ass shit I see here. I was working on an album to present to National Geographic Glimpse, and I came across all sorts of things that have made me laugh. Aqui las teneis….

Love Spanish menus translated into English, especially those that are wrong!
A rentable hair straightener at a Pub in Dublin. I would have used it had I actually showered that day!
A box of wine even a bum can afford!
Spanish people spell phonetically in English, too!
A very helpful Barcelona native helping a tourist with difficult phones
UNIBROWS. Lots of them!
Lots of creepy dudes!

Hot moon boots!
Men in Spain no tienen verguenza! They’re totally ok with wearing tunics and tights
A ticket for noise complaint? IN TRIANA?!
Legs of ham hang from every ceiling of every bar. Homes have them, too.
Most think England and the US are one in the same. Nice of Gonzalo Byass to give us our own barrel, though there are only 20 stars.
Alfredo. You are one of a kind.
Spanish dudes lovin’ on one another.
Suggestive kids books…it asks, “What am I sucking?”

Spanish old dudes creepin’!

Dudes dressed as chicks. HOT.



  1. Did you reuse your Indian costume from last year? And is that your monkey humping picture? Increible.

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