Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | August 31, 2008

Good News and Bad News

First, the bad news:
1. MY buddy Pablo, who lives in my neighborhood and teaches art and drawing at my school, accepted a job in Berza or something, which is in the Cordoba province. AND HE LEAVES THE DAY I GET TO SPAIN. So triste.
2. I won’t be teaching Music next year. The teacher, Emilio, who is the greatest person alive, is about three seconds from winning a scholarship to do something I couldn’t understand from his email. I’m so excited for him, because he’s a great teacher and very well-respected, but I was looking forward to recorders 😦 Things change, I gotta get over it. At least Carmen is staying put! I love her, too.

Good news:
1. I’m back to Sevilla in a week! I can’t wait to see my roommates and paint the flat yellow, eat tapas and drink tinto with every meal, bask in the sun (I mean bake) and see Kike. Being away from him this summer has made me appreciate him, especially since we were so close to breaking up a week before I left.
2. Marge made the skating team at Miami University, meaning she’s going to China! This means, of course, that my parents are considering going. Looks like I may be making a pit stop in Asia! I want to eat some crazy foods there and see the Great Wall. The competition is up near Mongolia, so I might convince my dad to take a drive up there with me. Other than that, I want to hit a few places in Eastern Europe around Christmas, go see Martin in Amsterdam and go to Florence if I find a cheap flight.

I have a pretty awesome life. Nine days till I’m home in Sevilla!!


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