Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | April 4, 2008

Todo por la Patria

So, I was playing around on YouTube today, and I came across a really great video about Spain.

I kind of got chills watching it. The country, even though it’s about the size of Colorado, is so varied – from hills and cliffs to plains and deserts. It’s a country that’s modern, yet stuck in the past, as evident from the drastic change from my neighborhood in Sevilla to the site of the 92 Expo just across the bridge, or modernisme Barcelona’s Barri Gotic. The people themselves are distinct – totally patriotic and proud (ahem, Kike), European with gypsy-like features. I have explored so many things about this place, seen so many different kinds of cuisines and sites and churches, but even after an accumulative total of 9 months as a resident, it still feels foreign to me at times. And try as I might, I’m not quite Spanish yet (I mean, seriously, doesn’t 80 degrees merit a pair of sandals and a tank top? Not according to Spanish fashion standards!).

I’ve said it a million times…Livin’s good here.


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