Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | February 24, 2008

Europe in Photos

For Cafe Abroad, the magazine I’ve been writing for from Sevilla, we’ve spent the past month putting together a 3 1/2-page spread about the city from a young foreigner’s point of view. Relating all of the things I really love about Sevilla to the other five girls, fresh here from the States, has made me realize, again, how colorful and beautiful and lively the city is. I’ve had the experience over the past five months to experience so many things about Europe, Spain and Sevilla. And it’s a rainy Sunday with my lessons already planned, so enjoy these photos. They’re out of order and my Spanish laziness won’t allow me to take the time to reorganize them.

The insanely intricate, beautiful private residence of Quinta de la Regalia in Sintra, Portugal. This place even has grottoes and Templar initiation chambers. I was running through the grottoes like a little kid.
Helen and I stumbled upon a jeweler in Toledo, Spain who demonstrated how he hammered goal into a soft metal and fired it. I have a beautiful pair of handmade earrings.
Toledo, above
above, a street in my neighborhood of Triana
below, the cathedral of Segovia

above, a view of the tierra of Castilla-Leon from the Alcazar of Segovia
below, St. George’s Square, Glasgow, Scotland

above, Urquardt Castle from a boat on Loch Ness

below, Kike and I at the top of Royal Mile overlooking Edinburgh

above, the city center of Sintra, Portugal
below, a Hungarian style castle high in the mountains of Sintra. Yes, I’m obsessed with the city.

above, a broken window at the otherwise well-kept Regalia

below, the acueducto of Segovia, built in one night by the devil

above, the town of Ronda, home of modern bullfighting.
below, the streets of the pueblo blanco of Ronda

above, the Iglesia de San Juan de Dios in Macarena, Sevilla
below, my father makes an ass out if himself with an ass

the Kasbah of Tangiers

above, a Barbary Ape (one of THOUSANDS) on the rock of Gibraltar

below, Jadrines de Murillo, Sevilla

above, the courtyard of Casa de Pilatos, Sevilla
my bedroom and salon in my piso

above, the Guadalquivir River and Call Betis

below, the Cibeles Palacio de Comunicaiones of Madrid. THAT’S THE POST OFFICE!!

Helen and I had a picnic at the Buen Retiro park and were joined by an unwanted visitor
below, the Cadiz Cathedral

above, boats in Cadiz, an ancient coastal town

below, the Tunos and probably the most memorable night of my experience.

above, the marino of Faro, Portugal
below, the streets of Lisbon


The Plaza Mayor and Felips II, Madrid

The Dublin castle, Ireland
Guinness factory, Dublin

charming streets of Galway, Ireland

The craziness of Carnaval in Cadiz and my international friends
below, crazy delicious tapas in Cordoba

Flamenco at Casa Carmen
Alameda de Hercules, Sevilla

Sunset over the River, Sevilla

Callejon in the Barrio Santa Cruz, Sevilla

Great Mosque, Cordoba

A mosaic from Italica, a huge Roman settlement in the ancient times 9 km from Sevilla

Grote Square, Brussels, Belgium
Plaza Altozano, Sevilla. My neighborhood is great

Kiddies all dressed up for Feria. This picture is not mine.
courtyard of Gaudi’s Casa Pedrara, Barcelona

Getting caught in a street festival in Barcelona
Lynn and I enjoying DELICIOUS, non-Cruzcampo beers in Belgium

overlooking the Alhambra from the Generalife, Granada
a street parade with little children!

Helen and I enoying a SUPER delicious meal right next to the Alhambra in an Arabic themed hotel

The streets of Sacramonte, Granada

The Boqueria market, Barcelona. Definetely one of the best markets I’ve seen in Spain



  1. Wow, what awesome pictures — so jealous of all your traveling. I’m sending you an email update soon soon soon, and we will need to Skype when we both get some free time :0)

  2. cat. l o v e, the pictures. i must say they’re a little light on the edinburgh end! the pictures of sevilla and faro made me miss my three weeks of care-free travelling … but, not the cruzcampo!i’m sitting at a desk right now … working the switchboard for a life insurance company. fun with a capital (all sarcasm intended). anyway, makes me think of a quote i heard the other night. i don’t know the author but …’the greatest tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait too long to begin living.’i’m sure you’re living in germany. stay well. mk

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