Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | January 23, 2008

The ABC’s of my life

Upon having visitors the last two weeks or so since I’ve been home from Scotland, I realized there is a lot to my life. Much more, por lo menos, than I realized. After all, I’ve got several jobs, an intercambio, language difficulties, transport woes, an addiction to tapas and fanta limon. When Nancy, Matt and Brian were here, I wanted to stuff as much of my life into the week as I could. But it’s impossible. Nancy won’t know the deals I book online for traveling, while Matt and Brian never met Eva, or practically any of my female friends here. Sorry, dudes. There’s a lot I’ve got here, and a lot I’ve don’t. But, after four months, I’ve grown accustomed to having and not having, as well as enjoying everything from sunny afternoons along the Guadalquivir to perfectly crisp tortilla de camarones.

A – Andalucia
B – Betis. Who gives a crap about the football team. I’m talking Calle Betis, one of the most happening nightlife spots in Sevilla. Right along the river, it’s full of great flamenco bars, discos and pubs. I also like Alfalfa a lot.
C – Cruzcampo beer. While not the tastiest, Sevillanos love their city’s beer. The first thing Kike wanted to do after Scotland was grab a beer in Madrid, and his brother only had Mahou. My love for Cruzcampo is evident by my barriga, or beer belly. Curiously the same word for bar counter.
D –
E – Enrique Montero. I somehow scored myself a boyfriend. He’s 28, a pilot in the Spanish Air Force, a bit macho, but great. It’s certainly enhanced my experience here in Sevilla.
F –
G – Giuris. This is the general term for non-Spaniards hailing from the US, UK, Holland, or Scandanavia. You can spot them so easily, and despite my best attempts, I am also easily recognized. Kike tells me I’m beginning to become more and more Spanish from my eating habits, sleeping habits, manner of dress and attitude. This makes me happy.
H – Habanita.
I –
J – Juanes and Joox.
K –
L –
M –
N –
O – Olivares, Sevilla. The name of the town where I teach at Instituto Heliche. I came to Spain to teach English to high school students. My kids are canis (which pretty much means ghetto), and they don’t speak English AT ALL. But they’re pretty nice. I ride bus M270 each day at least one way between Sevilla and Olivares, a trip of 16km. I’m extremely lucky to have extraordinary coworkers who are interested in what I have to teach the kids, as well as what they can learn from me.
P – Piso.
Q – Queso. Manchego, cabra, tierna. In lonchas, bloque, viejo o fresco. I love the cheese here. I could spend my entire grocery budget on it.
R –
S – Spanish of the Castellano type.
T – Triana. The wonderful neighborhood where I live.
U –
V – Vamos a Tapear!
W – We Love Spain.
X – The unknown future.
Y –
Z –

The only way you can understand it, however, is to visit. I’ll be here until at least the beginning of June, possibly all summer, and most likely next year. Ahorred vuestras monedas!!



  1. CAT – Thank you for housing the boys while in Seville (Matt and Brian). They enjoyed the time spent with you. Thea (Matt’s mom)

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