Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | November 26, 2007

La Peculiar

Spanish women LOVE to gossip. I mean, they all stand around in a tight circle thinking no one can hear them whispering. The subject on everyone’s lips this morning? The new teacher who is coming to replace my colleague, Angela, who has been out ill for several weeks. Apparently a new teacher from the hills has come from the Cordoba province, just an hour away, and she is very odd. La Peculiar, they tell me. During the recreo and the hour following, she was all anyone talked about. “Did you hear she came with her mother?” “I think she comes by train every morning and takes a bus into Olivares!” “She turned down an invitation to eat lunch at my house!” I know nothing of this woman, except that I am supposed to be in her classroom on Thursday. She has never taught before and is quite nervous. She came with her mother to Sevilla and didn’t talk to anyone before she “se fue corriendo” – went running away from the school. It makes me feel a lot better to know that I could integrate myself into IES Heliche without any problems and make friends. I’ve done all of this, more or less, by myself. I think I’m ready for the real world. Hell, if I can live off of 631 euros a month, I could probably buy property on LSD now, considering how bad the dollar is (I’m rich, BITCHES!). Un beso a todos.


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