Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | October 7, 2007

Oye, Tio!

I forgot how crazy the men are here. It’s totally cool I guess to meet someone one day and tell them you want to know them sexually the next.

On friday after work, I went to lunch with Martin and like 10 auxiliares from all over – France, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands. I figured I needed to meet more people since I have no friends yet. But the good thing is that I have my ladies in Huelva, Kait, Jessi and Linn. After lunch and several hours of talk (as is the norm in Spain), I hopped on a bus for an hour to go and visit them. Huelva is much different than Sevilla. Not only is it smaller, but it’s a port town, so there are a lot of poorer people than Sevilla. But it’s small and welcoming, and I liked it very much.

The girls have a WONDERFUL piso right in the center of town. It’s got a HUGE terrace and a second floor and it’s enormous. The people who own it are wonderfully nice, I guess. Anyway, after getting a manicure and spending hours with these wonderful little ladies who painted our nails, we went and bought 30 euro worth of wine (about $45), which was over 12 bottles, plus the one I bought, fanta for tinto de verano, coke for calimoxo, and snackies.

George and his cousin Christian from Romania were the first to arrive. They were the most metrosexual people I had ever met but soooo funny. Apparently George only talks to Jessi and not the other girls, but he was chatteriung away with me and telling me about how rich he was. Christian was much more shy. Silly chavales.

Jessi, Christian, Linn, me and George on the terraza

In time, aka later than we told people to come, we’d accumulated a huge party with more wine. There were people from the UK, from Lithuana, more Amercans, Portugues, Italians, more Spaniards. Everyone was soooo friendly. Wonderful. I was drinking tinto de verano and meeting people form all over. I was so sad that they all live in Huelva. Luckily, the town is only an hour away or so, which makes it easy to get to and from.

I made good friends with Nacho. He’s from Sevilla, and hardly speaks English, so I had consumed enough to feel comfortable talking to him in Spanish. He’s guapo. He also has cousins who live in Huelva, Alvaro and Jorge, who got my number ebcause they come to visit him often. Yaay friends!!

Once the wine was gone, we all went to another bar. They wouldn’t let me wear the sunglasses that we found in the piso, telling me I looked like a traficante de los drogas. After that, we went to a disco, but my feet were soooo tired form my new shoes and I had had enough to drink. I definetely woke up at noon the next morning with a super dull headache. Ay, k pena!

top: some kid in the gafas, Jojo, Nacho, me, Jessi and Alvaro at the piso. bottom: The crazy Brit, Jojo, me, Nacho, Linn and dumb awkward Luke. He was cool for two minutes.

Saturday, Eva and I bummed around because we were exhausted and I didn’t feel like even going out of the piso. I’m so lame because it was an absoluytely perfect day. I didn’t get home until about 5pm, and Jorge Armani had already called me a million times. He convinced Eva and me to meet him in Santa Cruz, and we went to the bar where Nacho works in Los Remedios. Alvaro was making fun of me by limping and calling me by my full name, but the guys are fantastic. Funny. Jojo was on the phone the whole time, and Alvaro was teaching me naughty words and drawing naughty pictures on the back of all of my receipts. Silly tio. Alvaro didn’t make us pay either. Sweet. I had a crush on him for a while, then switched to Alvaro.

Eva and I were too tired to go to the disco, so the boys offered to walk us home. We told them not to worry about us and we left. Eva practically body slammed some dude who tried to grab her. I got like five phone calls from Jojo making sure I was home safe…then he called me drunk a bunch. And told me he wants to be with me and we can’t just hug. I stopped picking up the calls. Yikes mister. He said, I’m sad we don’t spend any time together. Your roommate is safe at home, so you come back. I will call you a cab. So I have silly Jojo as a stalker.

Today was beautiful, so I showed Eva around the city and we met a lot of nice people and just had a ncie time together. Melissa is very friendly, as well, and speaks English well. I’m happy. That’s all. Also tired, so now I sleep. Hasta, chavales.


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