Posted by: Cat of Sunshine and Siestas | October 6, 2007


I figured I could leave you with a few pitures so you could actually see some of these fantastic places for yourself.

This picture is being published in the next issue of Cafe Abroad, my internship. I am psyched. I took it on the very first day I was here in the Albaicin in Granada.

Gibraltar’s Barbary apes. Very, very cool to be walking around, then see monkeys scampering about. Not very, very cool when one of them decides to jump into your arms.

Plaza in the middle of Sevilla, right near the Alcazar and the Catedral. Horse drawn carriages go in and out of here, and it’s beautiful to see the Giralda lit up here at night.
The Cathedral and La Giralda in the center of the historic district. Marvelous.

Delicious tapas. No wonder the Spaniards eat their big meal in the middle of the day.

Beautiful Triana, the zona I live in, on the opposite side of the river

The Cordoba Moque, the most important Islamic structure in the West. Strangely, well I guess not so much with those crazy Catholic kings, a cathedral is built in the middle.

Aw, my little fado singing friend. Check out those cejos!


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